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Here is a brief history of the major Search and Replace features. A detailed feature list is also available.

See the F1 hlp - Index|Registry Switches - or the Special Configuration Utility to make some of the special settings noted below. 


Version 7.2

  • Added "ZIP extension" field in Options->Search to make simplify making changes to the file types the program recognizes as searchable when 'Search Archives' is enabled. This field can be used to allow the program to search .docx, .xlsx, .pptx, and .odt (open document format) files.

Version 7.1

  • Revision to address issue with version update checker process.

Version 7.0

  • Improvement to search hit context display on search hits in some UTF-8 files.
  • Fix to File Count with File Find, which was working correctly.

Version 6.8 & 6.9

  • No public release

Version 6.7

  • Improvements to Search Results display for search hits in binary files (Hex Offset display).
  • Fix to Options -> General -> Binary Editor 'Select' button.

Version 6.6

  • Additional handling improvements to internal context viewer when viewing/editing Unicode files.
  • Improved file selection for File Operations dialog.

Version 6.5

  • Internal context viewer enhancements for Unicode files.
  • FSHED - Funduc Software Hex Editor is now the suggested external viewer when search hits are made in 'binary' files.

Version 6.4

  • Additional handling added for UTF-8 character sets.
  • Improvement to special 'count across files' switch.

Version 6.3

  • Further Unicode handling improvements for alternate character sets.
  • Delete All Files from Backup Path function (Actions Menu).

Version 6.2

  • Additional Unicode handling improvements.
  • "Check for Updates" function (Help Menu).

Version 6.0

  • Enhancements to Script Editor

Version 6.0

  • Unicode support in User Interface.
  • Asian text support greatly improved.
  • 64-bit (x64) version now available.

Version 5.9

  • Additional support for Windows Vista.

Version 5.8

  • Debugging report support.

Version 5.7

  • Switch to list a hit line only once even it contains multiple hits. See Options|Display.

Version 5.6

  • Limit of 4 GB maximum file size for single file removed.
  • Added special 'Show Hits on one line' function. See F1 hlp - Index|Registry Switches

Version 5.5

  • Additional handling added to script editor for 'Repeat Script' function. Previously this had to be entered manually.

Version 5.4

  • 'Repeat action' n-times added for search/replaces in scripts to let you repeat search/replaces any number of times. See F1 hlp. This field is available from the 'Comments' button in the Script Editor.

Version 5.3

  • Enhanced instance handling. When in multiple instance mode the window title bars are distinguished :2, :3, etc. See Options|General.
  • The file name extension(s) for .xml files can be adjusted. See F1 hlp - 'Registry Switches'.

Version 5.2

  • Switch to copy (or not) search header info the clipboard and output file. See Options|Display.

  • "Buffer Size" can now be specified in Options|Search.
  • Special switch to control number of buffers to process. See F1 Hlp - 'Registry Switches'.

Version 5.1

  • "Filter" indicator in main window when a filter is established in Options | Filters.

  • "Privacy" switches to delete program history upon exit. See F1 Hlp - "Privacy Settings" for info.
  • "Process Binary Files" switch in Options|Search.

Version 5.0

  • Enhanced File Operations dialog with drag n drop to Windows Explorer and context menu.

  • Additional keyboard shortcuts.
  • Special switch to cause program to not search 'binary' files.
  • Special switch to not output search parameters during Ctrl+C copy to clipboard in Search Results
  • 'Explorer From Here' to launch Windows Explorer

Version 4.9

  • CTRL+W keyboard shortcut to swap search & replace strings.

  • CTRL+S keyboard shortcut save current search results to a text file of your choice.
  • Addtional tab added to Options dialog with new actions for double click on a search hit line in Search Results added in Options|General: View Context; Open with Associated Viewer; Open with Default Viewer; Launch internal File Operations dialog.

Version 4.8

  • Settings in Options|Output to control the line prefix in the Search Results List for text and binary files. Previously this could only be changed via a registry switch.

  • Internal enhancements for file finder.

Version 4.7

  • "Quiet Mode" switch added to Options|General. Previously this could only be changed via a registry switch.
  • Additional handling regarding .xml files. 
  • File name searching from command line.
  • Additional handling for multi-path scripts.

Version 4.6

  • Handling for UTF-8 Files when file extension is .xml (See F1 Hlp, UTF-8 topic).

  • Internal Context Viewer can be disabled (see F1 Help, External Editors)

  • The number of subdirectories descended when Search Subdirs is enabled can be regulated (see F1 Help, Search Subdirs)

Version 4.5

  • Configurable font color for replacement highlighting.

  • 'Explore From Here' in Search Results and Replacement Confirmation context menu.

Version 4.4

  • A special Capitalization replacement mode to make title case and match existing case. This can be used with regular expressions or not. See the program Options|Replace dialog for more info.

Version 4.3

  • Floating point and integer math operation replacements for found strings that consist of numbers, including alternate output formatting such as padding.
  • Switches to control the line preface in the Search Results list and output file. Previously this was hard coded to output the line number only.
  • Action Menu function to quickly purge the backup path.

Version 4.2

  • Special switches to change the font face and size for the main dialog. Download the Special Configuration Utility to make the settings. 
  • Resizing for the Script Editor.
  • Additional handling for Unicode files.
  • Special switch to allow counter regular expression replacements to sequence across files when the user defines a starting value.
  • Support for dirs that begin with . or .. char(s).

Version 4.1

  • Ability to process some operations in a script but not others.
  • Collapse/Expand All keyboard shortcut for laptop users (ctrl + NumPad +/- works now).
  • Progress meter for 'File Find' mode.
  • %%today%% value for the Min Date Filter= and Max Date Filter= switches in scripts. This is for manually edited scripts only. When specified, the current date will be used. +- days can also be specified, eg. Min Date Filter=%%today-5%%.

Version 4.0

  • Enhancement to the Search and Replace - Windows Explorer functionality -- Ctrl+drag n drop a folder from Explorer onto the Search and Replace Path field appends the path to the current path entry. 
  • Enhancement to the %%srfound%% special replacement operator. If you specify one or characters after '%%srfound' those characters will be stripped upon a replace. For example, %%srfound ()aAb%% strips spaces and the characters (,),a,A,b if they exist anywhere in the search hit.
  • Options setting to specify the binary editor/viewer of your choice.
  • Registry Setting to specify the default target path for file operations. See F1 hlp for information.

Version 3.9

  • Additional 'Special Replacement Operators': %%srfound%% will insert the entire search string as specified and %%srfilesize%% will insert the file size before your replacement.
  • A 'dump to windows clipboard' function for the output file  (Options-Output, Specify Clipboard for the Output File).
  • Search all local drives by specifying Local Hard Drives for the Path to search. Specifying a UNC name will search shares you have access to on that path.
  • Script switches in the script [Options] section can go in any order. Previously they had to be in a specific order.

Version 3.8

  • Boolean searching using the & and | characters, which stand for AND and OR. Regular Expression mode is not needed - Use 'Whole Word' mode instead.
  • File Date/Time/Size listing in the search results list
  • Resizable Binary Mode dialog.
  • Clipboard functions & a Find Dialog for the Script Editor

Version 3.7

  • 'Unicode Mode' to deal with unicode files directly. No user setup required.
  • View Context saves respect DOS vs. Unix vs. Mac format.
  • Command line switch - /u - to disable the GUI. To run search/replaces without the appearance of the GUI, employ /u and also disable replacement confirmations in your script (or with the /n command line switch).
  • Switch to enable/disable the progress meter.
  • Switch to autoscroll search results or not.
  • Additional search within search results list and clipboard functions.
  • Switches for external text editors instead of the internal view context dialog.
  • A notice message is now presented when a replace in a binary file is about to be made. Advanced users: This can be disabled by disabling replacement confirmations.

Version 3.6

  • Sorting of file names by various criteria in the Search Results (Options-Search).
  • Progress meter.
  • "Reverse Filters" switch to cause the filters (Options-Filters & in scripts) to work in an 'include' manner.
  • Additional "Special %% Replacement" operators - file date/time & machine date/time.
  • Additional options to silence the program during scripts.
  • Case sensitive Auto-Complete.

Version 3.5

  • New tree display (below) allows one to collapse branches for a "cleaner display". Ctrl and + or - keypad key expand or collapse all branches. F4 and F5 move from file to file.
  • 'Append to output' setting for overwrite vs append writes for the output file (Options | Output - 'Write Output to file' field).
  • The 'HTML output' function activate and writes an html output report to if a filename of .htm or .html is specified in Output File, Options-Output.

Version 3.4

  • "Auto-Complete" for the combo list fields in the program main dialog. When enabled (Options-General) the program uses "fill-as-you-type".
  • Additional File Filters - files can be excluded by attribute.
  • Scripts in the Favorites Menu can now be opened in the Script Editor (Favorites Menu | Organize | Edit).
  • "Next Script" function for linking script files.
  • Network client setup/configuration tool available (visit shareware download page)
  • Larger history permitted in the combo lists in the program main dialog.

Version 3.3

  • "Favorites" list for your scripts.
  • Apply current search/replace strings to contents of the windows clipboard (SHIFT+CTRL+H).
  • Replace Confirmation and File Operations dialogs are resizable and they remember the last position.

Version 3.2

  • Find in Search Results (press F3 when focus is in Search Results).
  • More script options for performing replaces more than once via an iteration operator in scripts.
  • An HTML Mode that automatically makes plain text -> html special character substitutions during search &/or replace operations.
  • Support for an external hex editor to be launched from the search results in lieu of Hexview when a binary file is being searched. An example configuration is available for HexWorkshop (BreakPoint Software) along with guidelines for configuring other editors.

Version 3.1

  • Option for maximum characters on a line displayed for each hit (Options-Search).
  • Regular Expression operators for beginning and end of file (^^ & $$).
  • Regular expression operator ! syntax has changed & functioning was improved (see program F1 help).
  • Ability to specify include/exclude expressions based on a regular expression. For example, "*.htm"!(index) will skip all hits containing the word index in the hit.
  • Holding Alt+Ctrl when clicking on Search or Replace button will process only the files currently listed in the Search results (if any).
  • Ctrl+A will 'Select All' in the Search Results list.

Version 3.0

  • Completely new main dialog for 32 bit version with a customizable toolbar and wider input fields.
  • Maximum Regular Expression size increase to 32K.
  • Search/Replace information will be displayed for Copy to Clipboard, Print or View as HTML.
  • Tabbed script dialog with wider input fields.
  • Option to set maximum characters on a line displayed for each hit.

Version 2.94

  • Scripts can be applied to Search/replace strings in the Binary Mode dialog. This allows special processing of RTF codes, HTML codes, Unicode files, with a lookup table created by the user along with several supplied by us.
  • Check Ignore Whitespace to find a phrase regardless of where line breaks may lie.
  • File Operations are available (see context menu and the Actions menu) on selected file names from the results list.
  • %%envvar=temp%% can be used in the search or replace field to be replaced by the contents of an environment variable (in this case temp).

Version 2.93

  • View Context window (double-click a hit line) has Prev/Next hit buttons.
  • Holding Ctrl key down when clicking on Insert or Remove All buttons in the script editor will put the main window's Search/Replace and Path/Mask values in the script fields.
  • Text files can now be re-formatted at a specific column (see Binary Mode dialog Help in the Help file).
  • In Binary Mode dialog (... button next to Search and Replace fields), if regular expression is checked on main screen, the

Version 2.92

  • Print menu when Search Results are displayed. Also a View as HTML menu to view results in your browser (and perhaps then print them in color).
  • Undo replace feature when using a Backup Directory.

Version 2.91

  • Caching of file names processed previously is enabled by default. It can be turned off in Options.
  • In the 32 bit version, Page Up/Down moves around a file in the View Context window.
  • Drag and drop of files or folders to the program is possible.

Version 2.90

  • Allowing including/excluding of certain files and/or subdirectories when processing. See user interface for that when pressing ... button next to the Mask field.
  • Stop processing file after first hit Option was added.
  • Allowing script files to contain options for batch processing.
  • Multiple paths, separated by ; can be used for processing from the main window.
  • Touch functionality allows changing file attributes also.

Version 2.89

  • Files and/or directories can be dropped from the Explorer or File Manager into the main window and they will be recognized for processing.
  • Script files can now contain a description and a boolean expression to control which files will be processed (see Script/Advanced).
  • Several Options can now be specified in a script file.

Version 2.88

  • Entering "Default Printer" for the Output file setting in Options/Output will produce a wrapped printout.
  • Tighter integration with the Windows Explorer for processing certain selected files/directories

Version 2.87

  • The program is now available on the Start/Find menu in Windows 95/NT 4.0.
  • Several useful scripts are included and copied to the program's directory.
  • Numbers can be incremented or decremented using Regular Expression replaces. See Help file for more info.
  • In replaces, when the strings %%SRPATH%% and/or%%SRFILE%% are found, the program will insert the currently processed file path and name in their place.
  • In the Windows 95/NT version, Enter on the Search Results acts as a double-click.
  • The /s command line parameter now allows relative paths (C: ..\ etc). See the See Help file for more info.
  • Standard Browse for Directory dialogs will be displayed, depending on the operating system.
  • Documentation improvements and a German version of the program and documentation will be available at starting in November 1997.

Version 2.86

  • A new Replace Option was added: Do not change file date/time.
  • Command line parameter for Backup directory (ie. /bC:\backup) was added.
  • Command Line parameter for Touch can take a date/time stamp or use the current date/time(default). For the 32-bit version, the user's date format is used and for time the HH:MM:SSam/pm format. For the 16-bit version, the same time format but the MM/DD/YY or MM/DD/YYYY format is used. The Touch dialog is only displayed if the date/time stamp passed on the command line is in the wrong format. Double quotes MUST be used around the date and time (ie. SR32 /pc:\work\*.* /t"01/01/00 1:00:00am").
  • Support for different language versions. Please contact us at if you'd like to create a version for your native language. DLLs and documentation for different languages will be posted on as they become available.
  • Default viewer Option now handles keywords %line% and %path% for current line and path for custom editor command line settings.
  • The keywords are case insensitive.
  • Help file is now closed when the program exits.

Version 2.85

  • Regular Expressions allow specifying a range of expressions to match for the + operator (ie +5[a-z] matches exactly 5 characters, +5-10[a-z] matches 5 to 10, +-5[a-z] matches 5 or less and +5+[a- z] matches at least 5 characters).
  • Regular Expressions syntax was improved to allow specifying all characters like so: [] means match ANY 1 character, +5[] means match ANY 5 characters etc.
  • Touch dialog and Filters Options in the 32 bit version are localized to user's date and time format.

Version 2.84

  • Filters for processing files between dates, sizes. See Options.
  • Output Options were split from Search Options and expanded. A Display replace string feature will allow creation of reports without line numbers. It also serves as a log of what was replaced (when some hits are not replaced, the replace string is not output).

Version 2.83

  • Options dialog is improved (uses tabs for better organization).
  • View Context font can now be changed.

Version 2.82

  • When using scripts, backups are made in separate directories for each path in the script (make sure you have enough disk space).
  • Script files are stored in ASCII format for easy editing and printing.

Version 2.81

  • Button for Double all \ characters was added to Binary Mode dialog.
  • Searching through .ZIP archive files. View Context, Open, Open With and Open with Default menus can also act on files inside ZIP files.

2.8 and previous

  • You can prepend or append data (several lines if you want) at the beginning or end of the files processed using the Binary Mode dialog (... buttons next to the Search and Replace fields). This feature can also be used with scripts.
  • The Script Dialog is larger. Buttons were also added for Inserting and Moving (Up and Down) script lines.
  • Write changed files to Backup Directory option now allows you to leave your original files intact and write the changed files to the Backup Directory instead.
  • Regular expressions to find (and replace) items "close by" (up to 4096 characters) can be set in options. The default is 512 characters.
  • The !^$ operators are now supported for regular expressions. Also the [] operator now matches only one character in the list specified (to comply more with the grep functionality).
  • Binary Mode dialog (... buttons next to Search and Replace strings) clearly display the CR, LF and TAB characters. Also the help file better explains the use of special characters.
  • The Windows 95/NT version allows View Context of binary files through a new Freeware utility: HexView. HexView can be downloaded from It should then be installed in the same directory as Search and Replace.
  • Scripts can be created to specify multiple search/replace combinations (with associated settings) and/or multiple paths and masks to process. The script settings (masks, paths, search/replace strings) can also be overridden from the main screen.
  • Exclude masks can now be used. For example: *.*;~*.swp;~*.exe;~*.dll will process all but *.swp;*.exe;*.dll files.

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