Funduc Software Contact Information

Funduc Software, Inc.
Voice: +1 +1 248 812-9820
Fax: +1 435 921-0900 *

* Please use as primary contact. Thanks!

* FAX Order Information: Fax orders are processed during the United States business day. Orders that arrive during the business day are typically processed within an hour or two of arrival. Fax orders that arrive overnight, US time, are processed the following morning. Fax orders that arrive over the weekend are usually processed within 24 hours. If you fax an order and do not hear back from us within these general guidelines, write

Please note: The most common cause for unexpected delay is handwriting that is difficult to read. All our products have a text file ordering form you can edit with your text editor. Please consider editing that file before you print it and then the signed copy. Thanks.

Sales and ordering questions should be directed to We will answer promptly. If you receive a voice mail at the above number please also write by email.

Support questions for all shareware can be addressed to Email first if you have a support question. We strive to answer all email support questions promptly.

Shareware & Freeware users should write with questions. Phone support for freeware products is not available! If you do leave a phone message regarding a freeware utility, be sure to leave an accurate email address so we can write back. Thanks.