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Reseller Information

Listed below are some of the resellers with whom we have ongoing business. Our products are not available for online ordering through their sites but if you call, we have accounts with the companies below and they can process your order.

We do are not endorsing one supplier over another. All we are saying is that we have found that orders processed through the below resellers have gone smoothy from our perspective.

Customers from Germany and Switzerland: Please scroll for resellers in your country.

Please write if you have questions.

Software House International

Software House International
290 Davidson Ave
Somerset, NJ 08873
United States
V: 888-764-8888
F: 732-764-8889

SHI international locations include offices in Canada, United Kingdom, France, and Hong Kong


Insight Software
6820 S. Harl Ave
Tempe, AZ 85283
V: 800 467-4448

Insight has international offices in Canada, Europe, Japan, and Asia-Pacific (including Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Hong Kong). See their site for more information.


Comparex USA 
600 N. Pearl St, Suite 1960
Dallas, TX 7520
United States
V: 855-228-8791

Comparex has location & services worldwide. The corporate main office is Please see their web site for more contact info.


151 Slater Street
Suite 401
Ottawa ON K1P 5H3
V: 613-565-9000
F: 613-241-8245

Softchoice has offices in Calgary, Montreal, and Ottawa. Please see their web site for more contact info.


SienerSoft GmbH

SienerSoft GmbH
Schoßbergstraße 11
D-65201 Wiesbaden

V: +49 611 890776 00
F: +49 611 890776 55

SienerSoft AG verarbeitet Ausrichtungen sehr schnell. Schreiben Sie wenn Sie Empfehlung zu einem spezifischen Kunden wünschen.

CCP Software GmbH

CCP Software GmbH
Postfach 520
Frauenbergstr. 18
35039 Marburg
V: 06421-1701-0
F: 06421-1701-99

CCP Software antwortet schnell auf Bestellungen. Bitte schreiben Sie zwecks Kontaktinformationen an CCP Software. Wir haben einen CCP Agenten, der die meisten von unseren Bestellungen handhabt.



Riedenmatt 4
CH-6370 Stans
V: +41(0)844 44 55 44

softwareONE has offices in multiple countries, including the United States.

SienerSoft AG

SienerSoft AG
Brueggstrasse 35
CH-2503 Biel
V: 032 366 7080
F: 032 366 7088
"Roland Siener" <>

Standorte stehen in Deutschland und Frankreich zur Verfügung. Sehen Sie ihre Web-Site oder wenden Sie sich an Roland Siener direkt. Wir haben auch eine gute Arbeitsbeziehung zu SienerSoft und sie können schnell auf Ihre Bestellungen antworten.