Funduc Software - General Installation and Uninstall Information


  • See the respective program page for the specific installer to download. If your computer is a 64-bit operating system please look for and use the 64-bit version of the software. Unless otherwise noted the 32-bit versions will not work correctly on a 64-bit OS.
  • See 32- vs. 64-bit computer for information about how to identify the operating system for your computer.
  • Our 64-bit programs are compiled for x64 Windows.
  • The majority of our products are distributed as .exe self-installers. The self-installers create 'shortcuts' to launch the program and, in some cases, launch the included documentation. The installers also create an uninstall choice in Control Panel -> Programs and Features.
  • Our .exe self-installers default to installing in a folder under 'C:\Program Files' or 'C:\Program Files (x86)'. But you can change the default choice if you want.
  • Unless otherwise indicated by notes for a specific product, to uninstall go to Control Panel -> Programs and Features, look for the title of the program, select 'Uninstall', and follow the prompts. If a reboot is required you will be prompted to do so.
  • Some products are provides as .zip downloads. The .zip versions are intended for advanced users! You are expected to read and follow any 'ReadMe.txt' and/or 'Install.txt' files in a respective .zip for installation and uninstall instructions.
  • None our our products or their installers install files into Windows\system or Windows\system32.
  • None of our products or their installers modify your settings for Windows networking or install network drivers.

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