Duplicate File Finder - Additional Information

Duplicate File Finder is intended for:

Important: Duplicate File Finder has no internal decision-making to tell you what is safe to delete or not. If you are a non-technical user, please read through the usage notes below for some general advice. Thanks.

Important: If you receive a "Disk is Locked" or "Drive is Unavailable" type of error message when attempted to delete files is because the operating system is restricting access to one or more files in the Duplicate File Finder results list. In most cases this is because the file(s) are either part of Windows itself or related to the Windows 'System Restore' function. There is no workaround within Duplicate File Finder. In fact, we recommend against deleting any files directly related to Windows itself or system recovery functions. You should limit your scan to specific folders and avoid the \Windows folder and 'System Volume Information' type folders.

Additional Usage Suggestions