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Here is a history of the major Directory Toolkit features. A detailed feature list is also available.

Version 7.1

  • Revision to address issue with version update checker process.

Version 7.0

  • Revised icons for Compare Files dialogs to ones supported natively by complier.
  • Various behind-the-scenes internal changes leading to faster processing, particularly 64-bit version.
  • Revisions to address unreported issues with menus on XP operating system.

Version 6.8 & 6.9

  • No public release

Version 6.7

  • Faster screen updates when two directory view is active, particularly when network path(s) are used. Path/Zip 2 is presented before file list is obtained.
  • Added icon to File Operations Preview dialog.

Version 6.6

  • Improvements made to the compare file contents function.
  • Tooltip display now handles very long file names.

Version 6.5

  • Improvement to .dto function

Version 6.4

  • Improvement to File Contents Comparison.
  • Unicode handling added to advanced file operations.

Version 6.3

  • Added Unicode handling for path names in the main GUI.

Version 6.2

  • 'Check for Updates' function (Help Menu).

Version 6.1

  • Improved file compare.

Version 6.0

  • Unicode support in User Interface.
  • Asian text and file system support greatly improved.
  • 64-bit (x64) version now available.

Version 5.6

  • Enhancements for Windows Vista

Version 5.4

  • Copy during synchronize will set the file creation date on the target to the same as the original file (non-native File Operations mode).
  • Removed restriction in Options|Compare that required either Identical or Different or both to be set. You can now elect to have no choice.

Version 5.3

  • 'New Folder' function added to the Folder Tree in one directory mode.

Version 5.2

  • 'Double click' handling choices added to Options|General for the program behavior when a file is double clicked in the file list.

Version 5.1

  • /x command line switch added to turn off file replace confirmations for command line based synchronize operations. Note that scripts passed on the command line are not affected - use the Confirm Updates= switch within your script if you are using a script.

Version 5.0

  • "Privacy" switches added to program Options to erase Path/Zip1 &/or Path/Zip1 &/or File Mask upon program exit.

Version 4.9

  • User configurable name extension for PKZIP compatible zip files (Options|General).

Version 4.8

  • Optional MD5 value calculation for Display and Output Options.
  • "Explore From Here" function in right click context menu when a file or folder are highlighted.
  • Special switch for user configuarable 'temp' path used by the program. See F1 Hlp "Temp Path" topic for info.

Version 4.7

  • 'Filter' indicator on the program status bar when one or more filter settings are enabled in Options|Filters.
  • History Lists in File Operations dialog.

Version 4.6

  • File size fields to show , separators (or . for european locales).
  • Improved handling for exluded dirs. Now the program will not scan those dirs to accumulate names.  Previously all file names in the overall path would be accumulated.
  • 'Variables' can now be used defined and used to reference paths in scripts. For example, MainPath=D:\Example can be defined and then used as Path1=MainPath in one or more [Action]'s in a script.

Version 4.5

  • Special syntax is now available to use time & date variables in file renames. For example, if the current date-time for a .jpg file is 25 Apr 2004 13:15:28 you could rename that file (and others using wild cards) to 042504-011528p.jpg. A full range of time-date output is available. See the program F1 hlp.
  • ^U keyboard shortcut to compare a zip with the path (folder) that zip is in. When a zip is open in Path1, ^U switches to a comparison view with the parent to that zip in Path2.
  • The Mask To: field in the File Operations Dialog now remembers the last path used during a rename operation.

Version 4.4

  • "Checkbox Mode" for those who wish to have more control about file selection and which files will be operated on.

Version 4.3

  • Keyboard shortcuts for Synchronize (CTRL+H) & Compare File Contents (F6)

  • Switch to limit the number of subdirs recursed (See F1 Help, Subdirectories).

  • Additional handling for some UNC paths.

  • Confirmation prompts now default to 'Cancel' choice.

Version 4.2

  • "Create Output File" & "Load Output File" functions under Dir/Archive Menu to easily create/load .dto static path list files.

Version 4.1

Version 4.0

  • Toolbar buttons for Subdirectories, Identical/Different, & Orphans.
  • Text Font and Binary Font switches in Options|Compare Files for users of File Merge Express.
  • Special switches to disable 'read path upon program launch' and force the program to start in single path or comparison mode. These are available via the Special Configuration Utility.
  • Special switch to speed up binary compares. Use the Special Configuration Utility to set this.
  • Prune operation lists files deleted in the output report, if one is enabled and if you have native file operations turned off. There is also a dialog that lists the files to be deleted if you have confirmations enabled.

Version 3.9

  • Special switches to change the font face and size for the main dialog. Download the Special Configuration Utility to make the settings.
  • Faster file path comparison algorithm for comparisons on different drives.
  • Auto fill combo boxes for the main dialog fields.
  • File list preview for synchronize operations.
  • Support for yEnc decode/encode. 
  • Special switch for Binary File Compare to not do the contents compare for files of same size/date.  

Version 3.8

  • %%today%% value for the Min Date Filter= and Max Date Filter= switches in scripts. This is for manually edited scripts only. When specified, the current date will be used. +- days can also be specified, eg. Min Date Filter=%%today-5%%.
  • Enhancements to file handling for concatenate.
  • Additional sort choice via registry switches for Access Date and Creation Date.

Version 3.7

  • Enhancements to scrolling function - the program will remember focus position in the file list after a refresh.
  • Additional support for file names with extended characters in zips.
  • File time compensation for comparisons where path2 is off by a specific value.

Version 3.6

  • CTRL+N opens the Options dialog.
  • Output can be directed to your default printer or the clipboard by specifying 'default printer' or 'clipboard' in Options-Output.
  • 'Ignore Whitespace' and 'Ignore Case' comparison mode for path comparisons settings in Options-Compare. Previously this was available via manual switches only.
  • Synchronize function to delete empty directories from the target.

Version 3.5

  • Additional keyboard shortcuts including accelerators for single vs. compare mode and replicating the path entry from one path field into the other.
  • Synchronize function to delete empty directories from the target.
  • Support for JAR files.
  • Updated path browsers.
  • 'Ignore whitespace' and 'ignore text' mode for the path comparison to compare DOS vs Unix files.

Version 3.4

  • Builder for the FS Zip Self-Extractor to create self-extracting zip files (Directory/Archive Menu).
  • 'Find' in file list to let you search for any string in the file lists.
  • Smarter refresh for 'Folder List'.
  • Statistics in comparison reports for the number of alike vs different files.
  • Notice when 'Output to file' is enabled has been removed.
  • Registry switches are available to launch external editors from the file contents comparison dialogs. See F1 Hlp, 'Compare File Contents Dialog'. 

Version 3.3

  • "Reverse Filters" switch to cause the filters (Options-Filters & in scripts) to work in an 'include' manner.
  • More powerful attribute filters. See Help for more details.
  • Transparent icon scheme for nicer display on custom color machines..

Version 3.2

  • Folder tree list display for a single path list. You can enable/disable this in Options-General.
  • Splitter windows for compare and one directory views.
  • Append to Output File switch (Options-Output) and script option.

Version 3.1

  • New Synchronize option for creating only the source directory structure on the target.
  • Switches for File Attributes filters were added to Options-Filters tab.
  • 'Move First' and 'Last' buttons in the Concatenate dialog and speed improvements if concatenating from a hard drive or network.
  • Menu items to use our File Merge Express for file contents comparisons.
  • Network client setup/configuration tool available (visit shareware download page)

Version 3.0

  • Synchronize results reports (and file operations errors).
  • Ignore case of text during File Contents Comparison.
  • Improved handling of read-only/locked files.
  • "Skip Files Mask=" to exclude files by attribute (including subdirs).
  • Preserve Directory structure checkbox allows you to flatten the structure if you wish when you do File Operations.
  • Select Directory/Archive and File Operation Preview dialogs can be resized.

Version 2.9

  • ZIP file comments creation & editing - ZIP comments include the overall zip and individual files.
  • File Properties dialog
  • Saving CRC and Checksum values to output files and support for comparing them as if they were a physical directory.
  • Additional output fields for the display and reports.

Version 2.8

  • Customizable columns for display and output file.
  • Many new fields available for display or reports, including ZIP file comments.
  • Auto-refresh of the file lists after an operation can be disabled (Options-General).

Version 2.7

  • New Options for Compare Files allows you to create a merged file with all common and different sections. Custom delimiters can enable you to complete the merge using an editor.
  • Compare Files dialog has buttons for navigating through sections. Also, the windows can be scrolled in synch now and the compare dialog can receive dropped files from the program's main window or the Explorer.
  • The Touch dialog has an additional setting to subtract a certain number of settings from second display - for use across time zones or daylight savings time adjustments.

Version 2.69

  • Support for file checksum generation, sorting by checksum and duplicate matching using file checksums. Output files can also contain checksum values.
  • Split can now be performed based on a string to be found in the file. The split can be made before or after the string is found.
  • Sorting by name or full path is supported. Clicking on the various row headers will cycle through all sort options.
  • When case sensitive file name comparison is used (in Options), file synch operations ensure the target file names are updated also.
  • Whole row selection and grid lines are now displayed.
  • Option was added to display or not archives at all times in 1 directory view.

Version 2.68

  • CAB support for compression and decompression
  • Multi-ZIP spanning
  • Display of Version for EXE, DLL, OCX files (see Options/Output)
  • Easy save/retrieve of favorite settings with Read/Write from/to script file menus (on the View menu). This will also make script creation much easier.
  • Split and ZIP disk spanning offer to clean disks if necessary
  • You can now Customize Toolbar (on the View Menu)

Version 2.67

  • ZIP file encryption/decryption
  • More script options (see DT.CFG)

Version 2.66

  • Option for overwriting newer files with older files (if edits need to be rolled back).
  • Support for script files which keep track of paths and masks and allow quick synchronization. They also allow multiple synchronizations to be done sequentially.

Version 2.65

  • A confirmation of File Operations to be executed with all files to be processed listed.
  • Include/exclude masks for paths and/or files are supported and a user interface is now available (... button next to mask field).

Version 2.64

  • Attributes can be set on multiple files/directories along with date/time stamps using the Touch feature.
  • Total directory sizes and selected files statistics are now displayed.
  • New Option for "Use case sensitive check for file names" was added.

Version 2.63

  • GZ and TAR archives are now supported.

Version 2.62

  • Directory or Compare Results can now be printed.
  • File Operations supports more powerful masks and a file numbering feature.
  • Sort indicators are displayed on sorted columns.
  • Quoted-printable and plain text files are also decoded now.
  • Split file feature allows starting with a specific disk, instead of the first.
  • Foreign version DLLs can be used. A German version will be available in January. Please contact us if you wish to help translating to other languages.

Version 2.61

  • Option for turning on/off display of files in only 1 dir.
  • Filters for processing files between dates, sizes. See Options.
  • Show Subdirectories setting can now be used in One Directory View also.
  • Output Options were split from Compare Options and expanded.
  • An Output file can now be produced to display one directory tree with subdirectories. Fields in the report can be selected and the delimiter can be changed.
  • Data tips are displayed when data in a column of the main window is partially displayed.

Version 2.60

  • If an archive is first displayed and it contains a SETUP program, Directory Toolkit prompts if all files should be temporarily decompressed and the installation executed. Upon completion, closing DT will clean the temporary files.
  • Extract and Add to ZIP toolbar buttons and menus are available.
  • You can select several files and/or directories from the Explorer, right-click and select Add to ZIP file. Also, archives in the form of self-extracting executables in PKZIP format can be right-clicked and opened as archives.
  • You can now synchronize ZIP files to directories or to other ZIP files as well as directories to directories. ZIP files and directories can be created (enter the name in the main dialog or the File Operations dialog).
  • A Network button is available for Windows 95 and NT 4.0 users in the Select Directory window.
  • Older files are displayed in blue (reversed icon for color-blind users) in Comparison View, when not using Binary Compare Files.
  • When dragging and dropping files between the Directory Toolkit's lists, the directory structure is recreated.
  • Improved output file generation.
  • Ignore whitespace option for text files in Compare Files dialog.

Version 2.55

  • BinHex and XXE encoding is now supported.
  • Clicking on the column headers will sort the output and automatically change the appropriate Options. Clicking again reverses the sort order.
  • Progress meters are displayed for lengthy operations.
  • ESC key can stop compare operations.

Version 2.54

  • User's date format (in Control Panel) is now used for directory display.
  • A match different duplicate files allows you to find duplicate files on a drive by checking the box (in Options) and using the same path (ie. e:\ and e:\). This option can also be used with different drives and files will be matched regardless of the complete path.
  • Command line parameters can now be used to start a synch or compare directories operation. See help for more specifics.

Version 2.53

  • Compare Files will automatically detect if one of the files is binary and display the report as a Hex Dump rather than a line-by-line comparison.
  • The Decode feature will allow decoding of files which do not specify a file name in the MIME header.

Version 2.52

  • Toolbar buttons were added for Options and Compare Files.
  • Compare Files dialog can display files one above the other or side by side (see Options dialog).

Version 2.51

  • Synchronize Directories now has a Remove Duplicate files from Target option.

Version 2.5 and previous

  • Allow display of identical files only, different files only or all files (default).
  • Allow sorting of Compare Directories list by date/size/name/type ascending or descending.
  • Expanding of the Options using a tabbed dialog.
  • Detailed side-by-side file comparison report. Any two files can be selected.
  • Compare Directories can generate a tab-delimited output file (see Options).
  • Include Subdirectories switch is now available on the View menu.
  • Additional toolbar items were added for Refresh and Synch Directories.
  • F7, F8, Del keys work as in File Manager (Move, Copy, Delete) and F2 Renames.
  • Encoding (UUENCODE and Base64) of files.
  • Additional options (Refresh, Update, Prune) for Synchronize Directories feature.
  • Concatenate dialog allows decoding of target file when done.
  • Exclude masks can now be used. For example: *.*;~*.swp;~*.exe;~*.dll will process all but *.swp;*.exe;*.dll files.
  • No limit on the number of files processed exists.
  • Two status messages are displayed (one for each directory).
  • Decoding now supports XXENCODED, user (table) formats as well as multi-part and multiple attachments in one file.
  • Drag and Drop to and from any application that supports OLE file dragging.
  • Binary compare of files regardless of date/time stamp (see Compare Options).

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