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So, how many Windows program & file shortcuts are on your computer? 100? 200? 500? And how many are "ill" because you moved something to another directory or deleted a program or changed your network drive maps? Not sure? You can always roll up your sleeves, test them one at a time and coax Windows to try a fix. Or you can work smart & can call in the Doctor.

Shortcut Doctor checks your shortcuts to see which point to targets that can no longer be found. Shortcut Doctor can then resolve invalid shortcuts, edit them, replace all shortcuts pointing to a certain drive or directory with another (after validation of new path is made), or delete them to the Recycle Bin. All shortcuts on a drive can be displayed, regardless of whether they are healthy or not. The Doctor can ignore CD-ROM or network drives if you want. It's black bag includes a powerful (and unique) search and replace function for speedy interventions. Internet shortcuts can also be triaged for errors, edited, or created. Output in the Results List can be written to a file, perfect those diagnostic reports. Shortcut Doctor can also empty the Recent Documents list at the click of a button. Other features include:

Shortcut Doctor is for Windows Vista and above (32 & 64-bit version).

Also see the Shortcut Doctor graphical page for more information.

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