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Registry Toolkit Merge 2.2
DBComp IconRegistry Toolkit Merge is a companion program to our Registry Toolkit utility.

Registry Toolkit Merge is a command line tool used to merge .reg files into the Windows registry. Importing .reg files can also be done with Registry Toolkit. Registry Toolkit Merge is unique because it can be used to create self-contained, self-importing .exe's. When clicked on, the .reg information is imported into the registry (after confirmation). This is be useful, for example, if you need to distribute a .reg file to others but are worried that they might not know how to import a .reg file manually. Instructions how to create a self-merging .exe are provided in the download zip below.

Also unique to Registry Toolkit Merge (and Registry Toolkit) are special .reg file functions to delete or copy one or more keys. Performing these functions via a .reg file is not easily accomplished with other registry edit tools. In the case of 'delete', all values, data, & subkeys immediately under the specified key(s) are also deleted. In the case of copy, they are copied to the key you specify. Instructions and example .reg files for these functions are provided in the download zip below.

Registry Toolkit Merge can also be used from the command line. For this usage you pass the name of the .reg to import to the RTMerge.exe, e.g., 'RTMerge.exe importme.reg'. No advance confirmation is provided when the program is used in this form.

Registry Toolkit Merge presents a confirmation dialog in advance of the merge when it is used as a self-merging .exe.

Alternatively, a command line switch, /s, is available (registered version only) to merge without a confirmation prompt.

RTMerge Confirmation Dialog
RTMerge can display a confirmation in advance of the .reg file import.

RTMerge shareware download


Download Now
Ver 2.2

Unzip this to the subdirectory of your choice. We
recommend using c:\tools\RTMerge although any
path will do. See 'readme.txt' for more information.

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