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"Your PC is probably filled with a dozen third-party utils designed to make file maintenance easier on your mind. Wouldn't it be great to have all that functionality within one program? Directory Toolkit aims to make manipulating one or more files in one or more directories an infinitely simpler task. It succeeds! View ZIP-file contents without unzipping, decode/encode UU, Base64 (MIME), & Binhex... even compare files with the integrated comparison viewer! Drag and drop is no stranger to this proggie either, so it should be a welcome addition to your existing suite of sweet apps."

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Comments from Registered Users
  • I love Directory Toolkit.
  • Just what I was looking for, took me 5 minutes to test this out and order it. Great job!
  • IAC thanks for your prompt response. Directory Toolkit is a _great_ utility and continues to get better. IMHO it's the best thing since Norton Commander, which was was for many years my favorite tool until Win95 and long file names rendered it less than ideal. (Yes, you can quote me on that!<g>) - Rick Borup, Information Technology Associates [ITA],
  • Thank you for quickly sending me DirectoryTookKit. I'm very pleased to see how it works; I particularly like the "encoding/decoding" and "synchronising directories" functions. The latter is very satisfactory regarding its flexible option.
  • I think your software is great, and it has saved me countless hours.... Thanks again for a great product.
  • Great customer service. I have several of the Funduc products and like all of them but DT is the best. Great for backups and also for directory and file comparisons when trying to solve problems. I have recommended it to several friends.
  • Just downloaded Directory toolkit and what a great program. Its perfect for burning CDR's and then cleaning up your hard drive.
  • By the way, I think it is a great program, and great value. I use it to backup sections of my hard drive to Zip drives. 
  • BTW This product is great. I prefer it even to the sourcesafe compare files.
  • Your program is great. I let my trial ver run out and I miss it very much.
  • I'll do what I can to increase your supported base. You've earned it with quality, persistance and integrity in customer support.

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