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Decode Shell Extension

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Listed with Media Horizon Freeware

Freeware Decode Shell Extension Icon Decode Shell Extension, one of our legacy freeware products, allows you to decode a file containing one or more Internet email attachments simply by right-clicking on a saved message file from Explorer and selecting Decode from the menu. Decode Shell Extension is for 32 bit Windows only! It will not work on a 64-bit operating system so please do not experiment. If you need a decoder for 64-bit computers please see our Explorer Extensions utility, which is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions.

Freeware Decode Shell Extension Screen Shot

Decode Shell Extension supports multiple attachments, multi-part files (already concatenated), Base64(MIME), yEnc, BinHex (Mac format), quoted-printable, plain text, XXENCODED, and User (table) encoded files. Support for yEnc is new to version 4.6.  

Usage is via Windows Explorer. After the program is installed a "Decode" item is added to the Explorer right click context menu when a file is highlighted. If that file is the raw text (including the attachment data) of an internet email message, Decode Shell Extension will decode the attachment(s). If the attachment consists of only one file, Decode Shell Extension will pass the decode file to Windows for opening with either the program associated with that file type or Notepad. 

For virus safety reasons you should that you scan all message text files and decoded attachments with your anti-virus checker before loading them.

This has been one of our most popular freeware utilities and we're very happy that so many of you find it useful. If you need ongoing customer support or the ability to encode files, look over our shareware products Funduc Explorer Extensions or Directory Toolkit. Funduc Explorer Extensions is for those who need some of the functions of Directory Toolkit (Decode, Encode, Split, Concatenate, Touch) but who don't need the directory comparison or ZIP functions.

Decode Shell Extension can be downloaded in two formats: a self-installing .exe and ZIP format. Both are the same program. We suggest you use the self-installer. Please see the install instructions in the Decode Shell Extension FAQ for more details on installation.

Download Self-Install Version of Decode Shell Extension



This is a self-installing version (4.6) for 32-bit Windows only. See Install & Uninstall Information for guidance about installation and removal. Download to a temporary directory and just run SETUPDX.EXE. Please see the Decode Shell Extension FAQ for usage instructions. 

End User License

License Statement

See EULA Statement (End User License Agreement)

Download Self-Install Version of Decode Shell Extension SETUPDX.EXE

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Download ZIP Version of Decode Shell Extension DECEXT.ZIP Alternate Site

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